Removing barriers. Paving the way for progress.

My passion is driven by the fundamental belief that individuals, communities, and societies have the inherent ability to innovate when barriers are minimized and their purpose for progress is made clear.

I am dedicated to elevating and transforming the social and economic status of people—especially women and children—so that they can utilize their best, creative, innovative selves to create bold visions for change and see their progressive impact in the world.

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To date I have achieved my purpose by creating multi-year programs and strategies to increase the visibility of impactful work done within migrant farmworker communities in the United States, and supply those communities with domestic violence and sexual violence services.

I’ve done this by analyzing policies and systemic practices to address the barriers that exist for marginalized communities to access the law and their rights, resulting in the statewide findings and recommendations for various sectors.

I have also seen my impact through the scaling of model practices, programs, and operational functions within non-profits and businesses in order to free up people to innovate further.

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Skills + Process

  • Developing leaders who make a community-wide impact through organizational development, supporting their vision, and empowering them to take action
  • Systemizing operations and identifying gaps
  • Converting ideas into strategies for action through collaborative team processes that utilize deep inquiry and the principles of Human Centered Design